The best job in the world

by jane on October 8, 2010

Why have I been working with Autogenic Training (AT) for more than 25 years?

Because I have seen, time and again, amazing results from this simple yet powerful method of self-help.

I used to be a nurse, and when I reached a time of life when family and work crowded each other out, something had to give. I was a shouting mum, and I didn’t like it, so in 1981 I learned Autogenic Training (AT)  for myself: 8 weekly sessions in a group of 6 people.

It changed my life. Corny? Yes – but true. Over several months, I realised how quickly and easily I could enter a deeply relaxed state, just for a few minutes, and how useful it was to restore energy. My children told me I had stopped shouting; I realised I was catching far fewer colds, so my immune system was more efficient. A minor skin condition completely disappeared.

Who had done this? I had.  This was a radical idea when compared with nursing / surgery / medication.

So I trained as an autogenic therapist, was a founder member of the British Autogenic Society, served on the Executive Committee, and working as part of the training team since 1993, I help new therapists gain their autogenic feet.

There is nothing like seeing the smile on the face of the person who has suffered anxiety and panic for 20 years, saying ‘It doesn’t matter any more’.

I know that person has done their own work on themselves. They are unlikely to have to do it again. What a gift! No drugs; no constant revisiting a GP or therapist.

Yes – it is the best job in the world.

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