Be your own therapist

by jane on October 20, 2010

This week the conversation I had with a client who has been using AT for 4 months included so much positivity I was (yet again) bowled over by the power of Autogenic Training (AT).

Rachel (not her real name) spoke about the subtle changes she is noticing in her life. She has been under a lot of work pressure, and one day, talking to colleagues she found her anxiety levels running very high indeed. However later, she was able to use her autogenic techniques to clarify her thoughts and emotions. This new understanding of herself is helping her deal with difficult situations: ‘I am able to stand back and accept’. Next time she was with colleagues around similar conversations, she noticed her reaction was much calmer.

A later conversation with one of these colleagues alone showed her she was able to listen effectively, and although she did not agree with him, she did appreciate his point of view. ‘I could empathise, even though we were poles apart in our perspectives. I have noticed how everything seems clearer. I am not so quick to jump into my anxiety, because I now know that fear is really masking my anger.  Now I recognise it I can step back – knowing I can handle that.’

Rachel also notices how her whole demeanour is calmer. She is sleeping better; everything around her, although busy, feels focused and manageable.

‘Subtle’ is certainly the word. AT happens by itself. It is not my business, as the therapist, to tell Rachel how she should or should not feel; or how to talk (or listen) to others. Rachel is her own therapist, using AT and bringing about profound changes from within herself (autogenic).

My role is to teach her the skills and support her developing process. So all I need is someone who is motivated to bring about change for themselves…

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