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by jane on September 13, 2011

Two people have recently finished AT courses with me. There is a certain pattern: they thank me, I congratulate them. They have done the work / made the changes. I teach the method, they put it into practice and with any luck profound changes occur.

The first (I shall call her Debbie) worked in a small group over 9 sessions. She wrote recently:

‘No one could have explained to me the difference it would make on me and my outlook on life!  Even if they had I would not in a million years have believed them! AT has changed the way I look at myself and also the way I deal with stress and stressful situations in my life, for this I will never be able to thank you enough.

‘I have tried meditation, yoga and various other “relaxation” methods before but never had the motivation to carry them on afterwards. AT is so easy to do and so easy to fit into your life (no matter how busy your life is!), I will always make time to fit Autogenics in now – I look forward to it every day.’

The second (Carol) also worked in a group, and writes:

‘I have two minds (one inquisitive, the other sceptical). So I thought hard about signing up to a course, make the step and give it a try. It’s a decision I do not have a glimmer of regret in making.

‘I have explored various methods of relaxation, as throughout my life I have suffered periods of depression and anxiety.  I’ve never been able to maintain these (other methods) for longer than a month or two, mainly because of the impracticalities of whatever props, music, clothing, breathing techniques or ambience needed to “get into the zone”.

‘Autogenics has been different. I’ve found the simple and practical relaxation exercises easy to fit into my lifestyle. Your support and guidance through my journey has been invaluable. I have completed the course feeling a much happier, healthier, calmer, patient, less tired and stressed, more focused, revitalised and complete person – both within my personal life and how I engage with others in my work life.’

Thank you Debbie and Carol. No wonder I like my job!

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