Autogenics Courses

The Autogenic Training course consists of:

  • initial conversation – your history and immediate problem – always individual
  • 9 weekly sessions (1 hour if individual; up to 2 hours in small group)
  • follow-up session 6 – 8 weeks after the course

Each week you learn a new exercise which builds on the last. By the eighth session you have acquired all the elements of AT to use as you wish for the rest of your life.

Also:  you will learn some exercises which run alongside AT, which address how we manage our emotions. These aim to enhance the autogenic process.

When AT is learned in a group it is not group psychotherapy. You will simply be a member of a ‘class’ where everyone is there for different reasons and the same purpose: to learn AT. This can be a supportive setting as the people you are with are doing exactly the same as you – which makes for some humour and support as the course progresses. The role of the therapist is to teach and facilitate – not analyse or interpret. Individual privacy is respected at all times.

Using your AT ‘tool-kit’

Sometimes, when you first start using AT, you might notice that your symptoms get a little worse before they get better. This is normal, and comes about because your system is learning to rebalance itself.
As you become more practised in AT, you will start to reap the benefits of it more and more. You’ll probably find that you stand up better to physical and emotional upsets. And you may experience a release of creativity and more confidence in sports or artistic performance.
The greatest benefit of all, though, is learning how to keep your stress at the optimum level so that it works for you (stimulation, challenge, purpose) rather than against you (stress overload or burnout / illness).

AT Courses Schedule

Jane Bird is based in Watford, Herts.

  • She sees individuals during the day (appointments can be 8am; latest 5pm).  No weekend appointments.
  • Groups (day or evening) are run when numbers are sufficient (4 people minimum).

For more information and course availability please contact Jane on 01923 675501, alternatively send an enquiry via the contact form