Physiological Problems

Irritable bowel syndrome

Once you learn how to switch off your stress response, your symptoms have a chance to recover.

Headaches / migraine

There is a good chance you can reduce or eliminate these debilitating symptoms from your life.

Chronic fatigue syndrome & M.E. Fibromyalgia

These chronic pain and fatigue conditions are frightening and in some cases long-lasting. AT will always help the attendant distress, and may in time, boost the recovery process.

Any condition/symptom made worse by stress:

  • Asthma – reduce the use of inhalers and steroid medication
  • Heart disease – high blood pressure, angina, stroke. AT can help rehabilitation and prevent further problems.
  • Skin disorders (eg eczema) – symptoms may flare up then usually reduce or disappear.
  • Ulcers (bowel and other) – the high states of alertness / anxiety with which these symptoms are associated can be markedly reduced.