I Could Do With Some of That! – by Jane Bird

by mattd on May 14, 2015


These words have been said to me so often, as the outcome of a conversation about Autogenic Training (AT), that the title of my new book became obvious.

308 pages including index; 23.5 x 16.5 x 2.5 cm.

The book explains in detail the standard AT course of 8 -10 weekly sessions: finding a therapist, the assessment / screening process, generalised information about the standard exercises, how accompanying facilitative methods help to manage emotions, how to make AT your own, with personal and motivational formulae. Also included is information about autogenic process, its origins and philosophy, with many case studies and stories to illustrate its effects.

If you wish to know more about it, you will certainly find it here!

EllisonReadingAnd if you have already learned AT, this book will be perfect for you: plenty of reminders about the methods with a lot of detail.

If you are a health professional, and wonder why more isn’t done to help people help themselves, then read about AT which has been shown to help insomnia, anxiety and panic, and many stress-related disorders. AT treats the person, not the problem.

However, this book is not a teach-yourself manual, and is not intended to substitute for learning AT from an accredited therapist. So please do not purchase this book if you already know you want to learn AT. For that you need to contact a therapist from the British Autogenic Society (below).

I would also recommend not purchasing this book if you are already learning AT – stick to your experience of AT first, without gathering information and questions, as these could interfere with your process.

www.autogenic-therapy.org.uk (British Autogenic Society)