Psychological Problems

Sleep problems

Many people find it hard to stop ‘mind chatter’ as they go to sleep. AT takes your attention to the body in its relaxed state and greatly enhances your getting-to-sleep ability.

Anxiety / panic attacks

Anxiety can mask other emotions, or cause them. AT helps address this at a root cause level.

Low self-esteem

AT usually increases self-confidence. This helps relationships at home and work.

Poor concentration

This can mask other emotional issues. Using AT can help to bring clarity and personal resolve to your life. Then concentration returns.

Low energy

This may well be associated with a debilitating physical condition. Or it may be a symptom in its own right.

Mild depression

You may react to difficult times (losing a job, relationship, a loved one) by getting on with the things you have to attend to, and unwittingly leaving unresolved emotional conflict inside. AT helps to resolve things gently, so that your mood improves.